Lupo – To The Moon Ep

“To The Moon” Ep
Release Date: March 26, 2019
Label: Riff Records (IT) / GrandTreeHouse Records (JP)

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“You are crying out to the moon invoked by a scared and lonely humanity on a sultry summer night”

LUPO is the acoustic-folk project of Chicco Bedogni, Italian (Reggio Emilia) multi-instrumentalist already guitarist, keyboard player and voice in the post-rock band AmpRive (Fluttery Records, USA). TO THE MOON is his first solo EP and comprises six original ballads composed and arranged during night sessions at the Noah Studio in Sangenjaya, Tokyo, between March and April 2017. The Ep released in co-production with Riff Records from the Japanese GrandTreeHouse Records, was recorded and mixed by Luca Serio Bertolini (Modena City Ramblers) after several performances in small clubs in Italy and Japan.

TO THE MOON is a whispered wail to a heedless moon on a sultry summer night. The album has the dry facial expression of Cesare Pavese and the angular accent of Alan Lomax. Around the central melody, meagre arrangements and sketchy lines rotate. An audible, deep voice colours the existential tones of the American 70s-style with its full-bodied synth sound. The individuals in the songs are people thrown without mercy into a magnificent but heartless world. Although sad and desperate, only music seems to offer the illusion of redemption.

Man turns his gaze to the perfect but distant moon before he awakens to a new day of trials and tribulation. Thus, here’s to infinity as long as there are nights, singing and the playing of guitars.


1. Brother and I
2. Blue Inside
3. Slow Big Crunch
4. The Bluesman Blues – studio live
5. Whipers To The Wind
6. Like a Picture – studio live


To The Moon, Riff Records (IT), GrandTreeHouse Records (JP),
written & produced by Lupo (Enrico Bedogni)
recording & mixing by Luca Serio Bertolini at Yonder Studio.
Art Work by Lisa Bedogni.


Brother and I: The awareness of coming from the same background and facing the same end will never be enough to make men brothers.

Blue Inside: The caress that dries the tears of a moody sister.

The Slow Big Crunch: Night time when the notes of a spiritual being without God are echoed: in front of the perfect immensity of the universe we are alone, defenceless, useless.

The Bluesman Blues: The first sexual encounter and the initiation into the age of disenchantment: the disappointment of the first time is but a taste of the bitterness of what is to come in adult life.

Whispers To The Wind: The first-born young daughter of a rich landowner returns to the family homestead every summer. Strolling in the fields, the eager attention of the young labourers living on the property is deeply aroused. Haughty and proud, those peasants are never given the pleasure of a fleeting glance. After years, she will return to that homestead, a spinster. Her figure will be sad and ugly with old age. She will search hopingly for those youthful glances but around her nothing but cold indifference will be found.

Like A Picture: Convenience and circumstances make it so that, to protect a man distracted and distant, we are forced to lie to those around who suffer from his hurtful absence. The selfish and absent father turns into a committed and devoted pro who is to be respected and taken as a role model, only to make for the future suffering of others.


The Wolf (Lupo in italian) is a social animal, essentially nocturnal, that lives and hunts in a pack. Wolves have inhabited both the Old and New World for millennia. They are natives of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the symbol of anti-fascist resistance.

Lupo is also the name of the musical project of Enrico (Chicco) Bedogni, born and raised in Reggio Emilia but Bolognese by adoption. The ex-voice, guitar and synth of the post-rock band AmpRive (Fluttery Records USA) had to leave the band due to a sudden hearing problem, aggravated by the amplifier high watt level. Immediately after this phase of abstinence from music, Lupo was produced. With the hearing difficulty resolved and behind him, Chicco Bedogni/Lupo picked up his guitar again, but this time, acoustic. He made his return to music after months spent with the thought of not being able to play anymore. With slow and sad pieces of music, close to ballads and to the original American folk, to Alan Lomax and his wonderful and wild bluesmen, Chicco Bedogni/Lupo began to perform these short ballads at small venues in Italy and in Japan (where he has visited regularly for work for over ten years). Precisely in Tokyo during night sessions at the Noah Studio in Sanganjaya, his first EP “TO THE MOON” was produced.